Today has been a struggle – I have wanted to just pig out on sweets all day. Ah the joys of a monthly visit from the witch and I just want to pig out of sugar. It happens every month but this time it feels so much worse.

I am not sure if it is the diet, the rubbish day or just a particularly bad visit by the witch. It might be all three but despite pigging out on sweets and a doughnut, I managed my 5 a day still.

Throughout the years I have heard from other girls about the witch and the increased cravings for sweets and chocolate around this time. I get the cravings for sugar and for once all I wanted to do was throw strawberries and raspberries in a blender and down all day long.

Yeap even my witch visit is different with what I’m reaching for. It seems 5 a day challenge changes everything.

So exhausted that I’ll am going to spend more time blogging tomorrow with it being the end of this whole project. I’m shocked tomorrow is the last day and I hope that today’s cloud lifts and doesn’t spoil my chance to celebrate.


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