Hello, I’m Annabelle Spender though you may know me as Lillyringlet.


When it comes to social media, there is no one else like me with the range of skills and level of experience. While training at the UK’s leading design course I ended up setting up one of the first, if not the first, Facebook profile for an organisation before page existed. This page was highly successful and ended up helping to raise over £50,000 over the next 5 years for charity. Other universities followed the model and have used my techniques to help raise more money across the country. Since then I have been running social media channels and creating campaigns for large and small organisations at an outstanding level of success every time. Companies that I have created strategy has included the Scouts Association, World Scout Shops, Wellworking, fastjet, Hospiscare, MyExpat, Carlton Beauty School and many more.

Unlike most social media freelancers, I have an incredible design and photography background that I am able to use in creating truly creative, standout and successful campaigns. At the start my career I was already an award winning designer and since have worked on design projects for M&S, BBC, Hasbros, The Elephant Parade, fastjet, the Scouts Association, P&G and many more organisations. Along with my design skills, I have also have over 10 years as a photographer where I have photographed key events, celebrities and royalty. My ability to mix expert design, social media and photography skills is what has lead to the incredible results over and over again. In the past I have helped achieve a 450% increase in followers and engagement in just 9 months to help a different business increase revenue by over 3o% through my skills.

I love pushing my skills and abilities so you can always expect sector leading knowledge and expertise. You can keep up with social media news on Twitter.

After years of running blogs for various businesses, in January 2015 I set up my own blog for the first time in over 10 years. Using my years of experience I now write about everything from baking, social media to local events. As a supertaster, I am able to bring something extra special to my blogs concerning food – there are few other food bloggers who write so openly about living with extra taste buds. After winning a Bake off inspired blog competition in October, I am currently working on a project to attempt every single Bake Off challenge all the way from series one. You can read about how I manage and all my other posts on my blog now.

Based in Brighton, the digital capital of the UK, I am surrounded by the wonderful history  and creativity only found here that inspires my design and photography work. Check out my Instagram now for regular photography.

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