Want to know about me and why I design nursing and pram items – you have come to the right place.

Nursing Pillow for travel - feed folded and laid flat.My name is Annabelle though online everyone knows me as Lillyringlet. I am a mum to a little girl and live in Burgess Hill with her and my husband. Now I make breastfeeding pillows and other baby items using my history of design.

In 2005 I won the Valter Prize for Engineering based on the design work that I did for Hamworthy Heating. From there I went on to work on design projects for BBC, M&S, Hasbros and P&G. 2008 I was privileged to use my design skills to design bespoke medical equipment for children with disabilities.

After an accident in 2001, which left me with long term arm and back problems, when my little girl was born I struggled to breastfeed without my nursing pillow at home. I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs on the go so I designed a nursing pillow that did.

At all the groups, all the other mums loved my pillow and soon I was getting requests to make them. With their help, advice and support I was able to design a breastfeeding pillow that I am really proud of.

Now I make my travel breastfeeding pillows so that others can feed their cute babies on the go. Well I do when I am not chasing my toddler or singing a long to Cbeebies with her. I blog as much as I can about everything from breastfeeding, baking, pregnancy and technology.