It is my birthday this week so I am off to the Spa at the Grand to celebrate.

Last year I got a voucher from my best friend to go back to the grand for a 30th birthday pampering. A year later and I still hadn’t used it so 3 days before my birthday I’m finally using it.

The Spa at the Grand doorThis isn’t the first time I’ve gone to the Spa at the grand Hotel in Brighton – I went with my best friend for my hen night. It was just me and her having a pregnancy treatment as she was 14 weeks pregnant and I was three months post-partum.

It was an amazing experience with us having a giggle the whole time. They don’t do the package we had any more but it was great having a manicure, pedicure and a facial all with pregnancy friendly products.

While they will have pregnancy packages this time I went for a massage and facial. I arrived and given the tour again as it had been a bit since I last was here. It is beautiful and the whole place has been designed to feel relaxing.

Two bridal groups were chatting away when I sat down in the relaxation lounge. It is really understandable why,  like me, so many ladies come here for a hen do of pampering.

Food at the Spa at the GrandAs I have a toddler waiting at home I ordered my food that came as part of my package so it would be ready after my treatment. I’m a supertaster so the lady was really great at helping me order something. In the end I ordered a cheese sandwich and grabbed myself a tea. It has been months since I got to have a nice hot cup of tea so feeling very relaxed before anything has even started.

It wasn’t long before I was called for my massage and facial. While the first time it was a very chatty experience, this time it was pure relaxation and calm. The lady was amazing and it was an incredible experience. I came out feeling so relaxed and my face is all tingling.

Yet again it wasn’t long until my food came out and it was so beautiful. They brought out a very elegant looking cheese sandwich with a cold slaw on the side, quickly followed by three mini tea cakes! I couldn’t help but get another cup of tea – not sure when I’m next going to have the chance to drink it hot so why not!

Desserts at the Spa at the GrandI’m not a chocolate cake fan but the chocolate delicious was smooth, sweet and sharp. Lemon meringue tart is one of my favourite things to bake but also eat so I was so happy to find their lemon tart was on the board.

White chocolate desserts are hard to come by so the white chocolate and hazelnut praline éclair was the star of the show for me. It was creamy and not overly sweet – the way white chocolate dessert should be. After the tart taste of the lemon tart it felt even creamier. These cakes together taste amazing individually but clearly designed to work together for an out of this world experience.

Normally food is an issue but here are clearly are chefs who want you to enjoy the star flavour than be overwhelmed by an orchestra of them. It really is an experience I would recommend to everyone.

My last visit to the Grand Spa the thermal room was out of action. This wasn’t an issue though as neither me nor my friend could have used it anyway. This time I was determined to try it out. I am not sure when I’ll next have the chance.

The thermal suite has both a sauna and a steam room. While I have used a sauna before, I’ve never had the chance to try a steam room. Both are separated by a set of showers with sofas dotted around the rest of the room.

I have used a sauna before but never a steam room so I decided to try the steam room first. Stepping inside it was just like walking into a thick fog of white. It was a sharp yet comfortable sort of heat but not somewhere I wanted to stay for long with my heat sensitivity.

After a quick cool shower I tried the sauna. I have been  in 3 before but out of all of them this was the best one by a long shot. The smell that welcomes you is a warm and beautiful wood sensation. The wooden seating was so hot and yet not too much so that you can easily sit down and enjoy the warmth that surrounds you.

If I didn’t have an impatient toddler waiting for me at home I would have stayed and enjoyed the delights of the thermal suite and relaxation room. The Grand Spa is an experience I would recommend to anyone wanting a bit of a pampering or celebration.

I don’t know when I will be back but I know it will be just as fantastic. All in all, what a great way to start birthday celebrations.

Overall: 10/10
Food: 10/10
Environment: 10/10
Package: 10/10

Have you been to the Grand Spa? How did you find it? What other Spa’s have you been to that you would recommend?


Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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