Recently I was tagged by Rachel from “Life of my family and me” to share 10 things I love and 10 things that I hate. I love things like this – it helps you find out about things you normally might not find out from blog posts. So here goes!

Check out my caramel cake recipe now10 things I love

  1. Don’t Tell the Bride – I love weddings and a show all about them with crazy themes; what is not to love! From Snow White, rollerblading, pirate, steampunk and zombie themes it is just always amazing to see what crazy ideas that come from these loving grooms.
  2. My camera – I love taking photos with my camera. I have a Canon 500D with two lens so I can control everything and capture some amazing photographs. I have tried taking photos with other cameras but it is not the same – I know my camera but I’m always still learning how to improve my photography each time I use it.
  3. Singing – since before I can remember I have loved to sing. Years a go my parents showed me the most adorable video of me trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with my dad having to tell me the words – even then you can see the joy on my tiny face of singing something. The feeling that you get when you belt out a song is incredible and I still get goosebumps singing certain songs again and again.
  4. Terry pratchett – I love reading as it can make you laugh, cry and take you to amazing places but above all authors for me is Terry Pratchett. I have so many of his books lining my flat including a signed books and poster and I have had him say hello to me specifically (with a frantic wave) in front of 2000 other people!
  5. Baking – although this is a new hobby I have fallen head over heels for it. When I was little my mum and sister would bake amazing cakes, biscuits and cupcakes but I was never really able to get the same level of success. This may have been because I was so young but recently I have tried it again after meeting my BF. In the first few weeks of us dating he taught me how to make bread and it just lit a fire to try my hand in the kitchen again. Now I’m baking something new every week and it is so exciting!
  6. Pink heart button in a book - Check out my blog about loves and hates nowAnything cute – this may seem like a broad topic but I love cute things so much that the BF will send or show me cute things he finds. When blue I’ll go through awww, eyebleach and other cute filled subreddits to cheer me up.
  7. Caramabars – the best food in the world; no competition.
  8. Musicals – I have always loved to sing and musicals just make me so happy. There is nothing better than putting on a Very Potter Musical or Phantom of the Opera on loud while singing along with a tub of ice cream.
  9. Sewing – while I may not be very good or experienced at it, sewing is such a fun thing to do. After having access to thousands of pounds of wood, plastic and metal work machinary to bring designs to life, it is a chance to physically create something in my own home but with the added ability to wear it!
  10. BF – last but not least is my wonderful BF. He makes me laugh, smile, and feel loved – he really is the best!


10 things I hate

  1. Wearing glasses – something silly but very true. Since January I have had to wear glasses and I hate it. The added weight on my nose feels weird still and my eyes feel like they tire much quicker these days. They also smudge so easily or I’m having to swap between sunglasses and normal glasses when shopping
  2. Football – I don’t get the hype of watching football; I never have and I never will. Once on a placement during a world cup year; I was offered the chance to watch an England match and I opted to continue sorting piles of paper as it going to be far more interesting.
  3. Horror films – as someone scared by Jurassic Park and Titanic, I really can’t handle horror and gore. I have tried to watch the original Alien and I didn’t even get half way through the film…
  4. Violence – whether in films or real life I hate any sort of violence. Seriously I am just a fluffy innocent puppy that I love everyone and scared of acts of violence.
  5. Anything spicy – I’m a supertaster so I find everything really strong though spicy food is the worst. When people tell me “It’s not spicy at all” or “I can barely taste it” I know that for me it will be hotter than the sun.
  6. Potatoes – following on from not handling anything spicy, another food that I hate is potatoes. When they are fried they are ok but otherwise they taste like eating watered down dirt. I guess this is where non-super tasters are lucky as they just taste of nothing.
  7. Cleaning – I’m not great with perfectly neat surroundings nor the activity of doing it.
  8. Being ill – I that this is the same for everyone but I’ve dealt with head injuries, whip lash and much more. It sucks not being able to rock climb or horse ride due to certain injuries.
  9. Coffee – too much caffeine and an overwhelming taste; you can drink my share of this brown substance.
  10. My spelling – I’m dyslexic and while it has its perks (with generally higher IQs and very creative flair), my spelling is terrible. Spell checker is the best thing though there are some words I just avoid as I have no clue even where to even start and even spell check can’t work out what I’m trying to spell.

So these are things that I love and hate – now its your turn! I nominate the amazing Nat from Tea, Cake and Make as well as any one who reads this to share theirs.

Have you learnt more about me? Did any surprise you? What are yours? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below!

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