I am not ashamed to say but I am addicted to TV! I have since I was a young age with my favourite place in the house being the lounge. With a love of TV I have found has come a love of spoofs and homages to classics. Family Guy’s Blue Harvest full length spoof of Star Wars, has now become a classic in its own right. It is now common place to see comedies honor their influences or make fun of other shows, celebrities and events.

The most famous one to constantly grace our screen is the infamous class from where many animators have come from – A113.

Woody from Toy story next to a number plate with A113 on it

Seem in every single Pixar film and other infamous animations, this number can be seen on number plates, animal tags, room numbers and even Bart Simpson’s arrest photos.

It is always exciting and fun to suddenly realise when you have spotted a homage or reference but sometimes they appear in the craziest of places! Recently I have been rewatching That 70’s Show and in the final series I came across something rather funny – but also one of the most well known lines from Frozen!

It seems that the writers of Frozen are also big fans of the show with this very cute scene from the final series involving Jackie and Fez. It seems that the famous Sandwich scene originally was a little different!



I love this and I’ll now giggle when I watch Frozen next time!

I have many influences when it comes to design, writing and even my style but it is all these influences that I feel make us how we are! While studying at University, the first year group to be studying at the “concrete jungle” campus, the first light from concrete was born! All of the other designs that year were also influenced by the urban surroundings. In previous years the lights had generally been based around the inspiration from the beautiful countryside based campus.

The inspiration from my childhood still plays such a key part to who I am, how I draw and even write. I know that Manga like Sailor Moon and Card Captor, the design work by Philip Stark or the humorous musings of Terry Pratchett  still are as strong now as 10 years ago! Now based in Brighton I am surrounded by the sea, parks and Victorian architecture, I am constantly inspired by the new and old styles around me. I look forward to finding out how being in this vibrant city, with its art shows meetups and festivals, will inspire me over the next few years!

What is your favourite homage within a film or TV series? What is your writing or art influences?

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Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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