Today when BF tested me on the days signs, we came to a disagreement – he told me I got a sign wrong. It turns out that sometimes the drawing and description vary slightly from the video app. Turns out that student in BSL written down looks slightly different to the video by flashsticks.

It seems that this is sometimes the issue – often the mouthing or emotive aspect of signing is lost on paper. This is often why I have avoided trying to learn BSL from books as I have gotten in wrong in the past before but I currently can’t afford lessons.

I think that this only adds to why flashsticks is good – I can find out what it really looks like just by scanning the post it with my phone and I’ll get a quick video of the sign.

So far with my signs I am doing well to remember them – I am trying to do them throughout the day but when BF is around it is easier to practise across the room at him (it seems he loves certain words like difficult). While he plays games he might across if it is a difficult game now with a big grin on his face.

BF seems to be enjoying this challenge more than last month’s – I think he likes the power of testing me and learning something new. I am enjoying it too – it doesn’t seem to be as disruptive as last months challenge but then I hope it does has just as big as an effect.



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