So it is day two of my 5 a day blog challenge and so here is my first Vlog for the project! It is only day two and yet the same challenge seems to be occurring – portions. It seems that knowing what counts as one, two or more portions of fruit or veg is hard – even international franchises don’t know how many portions of fruit their smoothies contain.

Check out this video and I would love to hear how you work out portions when out and about or at home!

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Apple orange raspberrie SorbetToday food-wise has been interesting with a smoothie gone wrong – turns out that apple in a smoothie gives them a mash potato texture that is really unpleasant. I poured it into one of my many silicon molds and into the freezer for a few hours in an attempt to see if I could find a way to use it. It seems an apple, orange and handful of raspberries blended together may not work as a smoothie at all but wonderfully as a quick sorbet thing!

With the strong red and in my heart shaped mold it really does look pretty – this is definitely a yummy and cute little dish. I think next time I’ll try mango instead of apple though – I think the smooth texture and vibrate taste will make these really be addictive! With this I know I’ll be able to reach my 5 a day in the summer months.

Today was my first real shop to get food and it was so different from my normal shop – I spent a lot of time in the fruit and veg section trying to work out what I wanted and next to none any where else other than to pick up some chicken. I found it interesting though – there seems to be a mix of what has a 5 a day logo for the same brand in the same section. There were salads that had no indication of how many portions towards you 5 a day it was and others with details of portion sizes! Throughout my whole shop not once did I see the original logo from UK Gov with the 5 green and yellow squares. All the companies are using their own variation and not all of them are green!

I did pick up and inhale an innocent smoothie(for kids :P) which was very yummy but again I seem to be finding it easier to find fruit convenience food rather than any veg ones. Mixed with the raisins this morning with  breakfast and so far I have had a completely fruit filled day! I do have exciting plans set out for dinner though – a toad in the hole with some carrots! I could have it with spaghetti hoops like most people would but I really don’t enjoy a soggy toad in the hole.

Now that things are calming down from other projects I’ll finally be able to finish sorting out things for this one. I have done so much research today that I can’t wait to impart all about recipes, logos and more over hte next few weeks, along with some very yummy sounding recipes!

So that is day two! Do you look for or buy things just because of a 5 a day logo? Do you like spaghetti hoops, bake beans or nothing at all on your toad in the whole? Did you enjoy my first vlog?

Tune in tomorrow for more – there are strawberries coming!


Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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