Today has been a hectic yet exciting day with a blogger event at Brighton’s Grand Central for their new comedy event as well as some exciting new work. For me it was a successful moment when I finally found food out that counted towards my 5 a day while being delicious.

This morning it was another morning of strawberry porridge – it seems to be an easy yet yummy dish that I can see quickly becoming a regular summer breakfast. It seems that the stars are aligning as I was also talking to a client this morning about a food related social media project that sounds very yummy. My world really is all about food at the moment!

At lunch time it was time to head to the new Nightingale room in Grand Central and what an incredible experience! Now I will be sharing a post tomorrow all about the comedy event that it was all about so don’t worry you will get all of the exciting details of an interview with a winner of some TV show called Big Brother and the weekly fun filled nights – for now I am going to focus on the food!

During all of the correspondence with the PR company they would always highlight the specialist Gin bar – I don;t drink gin so I have no interest in this at all. Snaking through the bar I find a velvet coated door that stood out compared to the rest of the very normal bar attire. Up the stairs I found my way into what I can only explain as a mix of 1930’s elegance and a modern twist of eccentricity.

fancy mushrooms on toastI was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Tea cake and make there for a brief catch up and food while we waited to talk to the star of the event. The menu was clearly luxury and I struggled to decide with so much to choose from – ironically I ended up with the first thing on the menu in the hope that it would contain enough to count as 1 of my 5 veg – I was not disappointed. While mushrooms on toast may not sound sexy, exciting or interesting, this venue had managed to make it look and taste incredible. I slowly had to eat this dish as the flavours were rich and complex even for such a simple dish.

I normally do not like toast and I am only just on my foodie journey with mushrooms but this dish was something almost out of this world. I really would recommend checking out this place if you ever get the chance. Every dish they pulled out and served to people around me throughout the event looked just as spectacular. I know that I will be going back.

Today for me was a huge success – one of the things I was worried about with this challenge was that I would struggle to find something delicious to eat while out. At this new venue was yummy food but it all seemed to have a healthy dose of fruit or veg. It seems that you can get one of your 5 a day eating out.

This evening has been yet another salad – with so many various veg left to use up it seems to be an easy way to get rid of lots of veg and fill up. In one plate I managed to combine 3 portions of fruit and veg mixed with my favourite goats cheese. I never thought that I would enjoy salads as much as I am at the moment. 8 days in and already I am finding new things about what I can eat and how to do so in a healthy manner. I had never imagined that in such a short period of time that I would change my opinions on various food, dishes or experimenting in the kitchen so drastically.

A week has passed and it seems that this journey really might be life changing – even if it means that I add an extra portion each day to my diet, or that I am more confident to try any fruit or veg it will make a positive difference. So many people have said the same thing when I have told them about my challenge “that is what we are supposed to be eating but I don’t manage it!” and “wow that is going to be hard!”

As time goes on it seems to be getting easier – just like when I gave up Coke Cola last year. It really seems to be a turning point today for me – I know that I am going to manage the rest of this month now.

Have you found somewhere that serves great food with healthy portions of veg and fruit in their dishes? Anywhere that you would recommend I try? Have you ever done a challenge that was life changing? Does my journey make you think about trying it?

fancy mushrooms on toast


Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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