It is 31st July and that can only mean one thing – I made it to the end of my 5 a day blog challenge! I can’t believe that I have managed it when I think back to the beginning of the month when this challenge seemed like a mountain. 31 days on and the actual eating 5 a day has gotten really easy and I have changed in so many ways. 

I have learnt so much this month about food, health, shopping and my self. They include things like:

  • Planning food is so important as fruit and vegetable die so quickly
  • Planning will go out the window so many times
  • Snacks will exist as whole fruit or little bags of dried fruit and veg
  • Dried carrot is weird but actually nice
  • Innocent smoothies are amazing
  • When focusing on 5 a day, you will spend 90% of your time in the fruit and veg aisles
  • Eating 5 a day is really filling – stupidly filling!
  • Strawberry pancakes are amazing and one of your 5 a day!
  • Change4Life sucks unless you are a parent
  • BBC Good Food is incredible – there is so much great advice and recipes
  • Bloggers have a wealth of knowledge and recipes too

There have been so many recipes that I was sent by bloggers and companies to try that I still haven’t managed to get through so I will be sharing these when I get to them. It has been fantastic the outreach and support that I have got all of this month and I can’t thank everyone enough!

I am so proud and I am in shock. It has really been a day of celebration with lots of yummy dishes and finishing in a well deserved Indian takeaway.

As it is the final day I thought that I should finish with a Vlog so check out my ramblings of how it feels and what it has been like.


I do though, as a result of this incredible challenge, that you try it out. Only 30% of people in the UK manage to get their 5 a day and there are so many great health and beauty benefits to managing this daily feat. Doing it for a whole month as a challenge where you talk about it can be so hectic (I know that I have been blogging about it sometimes up till midnight) but it gave me the drive to do it but there are much easier ways such as just sharing it on Twitter or Instagram with a picture, or just doing a break down of what you have had to eat that day.

You could even do it without sharing it to the world – just being strict to aim for 5 portions of different fruit and veg will completely change how you think, plan, cook and eat food. I have lost weight so easily and yet eaten so many incredible dishes all because I just forced myself to get my 5 a day. (I have forgotten to weigh myself but I will tomorrow and share!) I have noticed that some clothes are getting a little too big or that I have lost weight on my face. Looking back at the video from the beginning of the month I can see a massive difference – I am ashamed to see a nasty double chin in the early videos that is now almost gone.

Now I have been happily eating other things – I have not tried to stop myself eating sweets and cake. The only change was eating 5 a day and yet I have almost lost my double chin so it is only more impressive!

I am going to keep trying to eat my 5 a day now – I have so many tools and while I am in the grove of it now is the time to keep it up! I am thankful though that I won’t have to blog till late as I try to wait until I have eaten dinner to blog each day.

Thank you everyone who has given recipes, tips or support all this month – it has really meant a lot and helped me achieve this life changing goal!

Have you been inspired to add an extra portion everyday to your diet? Do you think you will try my 5 a day challenge? Have you enjoyed this challenge? Will you be following next month’s challenge to learn sign language? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you! 



Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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