Entertaining is fun but  boy is it exhausting! When trying to keep up with appointments, work, feeding three hungry boys, entertaining them with cards again humanities, providing drinks for their drinking games, and blog challenges it is difficult to not fall asleep by accident before writing a blog post…

It seems yesterday while I managed to keep up with the eating portion of my blog challenge, I crashed out before being about to write about the day. It is almost noon the next day and I’m yawning so much – I really am exhausted from it all.

I am still chuffed though at being able to eat all my fruit and veg all while some how manage to maintaining some air of grace of being a host and dealing with some important meetings the other side of the city. I am still annoyed at myself though for not blogging or vlogging at all yesterday. I know it probably is not the most important aspect of the challenge but I felt it was important for something for each day – this is gives everyone following a much better chance of following the journey from start to finish.

I must confess also that for the first time I had to count orange juice as a portion – it did mean though that I could enjoy a burger, chips and a salad. Many may not see this as a bad thing but I have an addiction to the stuff – now I’m craving the stuff and it is going to be tough not to stop myself going and buying a whole carton to down in an afternoon.

With so many times yesterday that I could have bought so many sweets and sugary items, I was only tempted once as I passed the bakery in Waitrose. It does seem that my cravings for sugar is a lot lower – even my stash of holiday white chocolate has been nommed in days! I only have to run into the kitchen and I feel more like grabbing an orange juice from a shop down the road!!! As this challenge goes on I am becoming less addicted to sugary items.

It is becoming easier as well to choose items with veg while out as I know what dishes sound like they will have a portion or where to go. I also know how to eat fruit and veg while managing 3 hungry brothers so that everyone has a delicious dish but also have two portions of veg each.

I think if I had had to entertain people at the start of this challenge that I would have struggled – getting through each day seemed like such an uphill battle compared to now. Getting through each day seems to be getting easier and easier – as I keep this up longer getting over bumps in the road are going to so much easier I think.

Still, blogging eluded me yesterday due to exhaustion – maybe I need to stop blogging at the last point of the day but with food challenges that seems a hard thing to do when you want to talk about the whole day. Maybe next month with my signing challenge I’ll be able to do a blog post in the day!

Well I’ll be back later with today’s antics – hopefully I’ll manage to not to buying orange juice…



Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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