Today we have two American guests staying so the buzz and craziness of sorting out food, sleeping arrangements and entertainment has taken up most of the day.

I think it has been the longest time spent in the kitchen not focused on this challenge – I was warned by bf that our guests ate a lot of food so I’ve made bread, sorted out drinks, cleaned up the place and finally cooked two different dinners, one hot, spicy and vegetarian so bf could eat and a bland, simple meat option to satisfy any of their tastes. Turns out that they both tried both.

It has been tough though – yet another hurdle to deal with when trying to feed the masses and entertain all while eating 5 a day! Along with all my preparation for them arriving also included eating as many portions as possible before they were due to arrive at 3pm.

It seems that the one day I needed to eat lots of fruit and veg was the day it was hardest! I did however find a great find when topping up supplies from Tescos – carrot crisps.

There were other flavours like beetroot and Apple but it was carrot that caught my eye as I have seen variations of the others before. What surprised me most was where they were sold – under the tills where the sweets used to reside! It seems that they are either bowing to pressure to avoid sweets at tills or are finding a trend in healthy eating with the summer holidays fast approaching.

The view as I walked into the small store was now a wall of sweets – far more tempting than the little hidden shelves only seen by kids so I am guessing the first one so are trying a different tact instead.

Either way, it was so easy to just walk past all of those sweets normally playing on my mind, tempting me to wanting to binge eat a whole share bag when I got home. There was no call to want to sneak down to the sweets section or glace longingly at the doughnuts. It seems either I’m addicted to the fruit and its natural sugary goodness or I am just shopping on a mission these days and naturally blind to these yummy distractions. Believe it or not but based on previous experience I have to go for the first option – I was so tempted more by a smoothie in the chilled drinks and a punnet of strawberries and in the past np matter how urgent the shop it would still be hard to walk past without just a glace. The last few shops with time on my side there was nothing – it seems 5 a day is changing what I crave and it’s a change for the better.


Back home and with time to spare before my two foreign guests arrived, there was time to test out these carrot chips – the real first vegetable convenient food I had come across. It appears that they contain only two ingredients; dried carrots and lemon juice. While for many they may not have tasted the lemon, to me it was clearly there. They seem to me to be savoury and sweet at the same time with the flavour growing as you dig your way deeper through the pack. With an initial crunchy texture, a more chewing texture follows making the time to eat a relatively small pack take much longer than you would think.

It is definitely something worth investigating – the flavours might be too simple or bland for many but it might be an incredible way to get kids eating more vegetables.

I did enjoy them and I’m looking forward to trying the apple version waiting on my kitchen counter to nom tomorrow.

Have you tried these carrot crisps? Have you tried other vegetable crisps?Do you find guests and events make it hard to keep resolutions and challenges? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you



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