Today I have been able to use a favourite recipe of mine to help achieve eating 5 a day – mince meat wraps! The rest of the recipes so far have been either completely new or slightly altered ones, but not today!


Back at University a friend introduced me to a simple yet yummy dish and ever since it has remained a firm favourite. Back in 2010 my mum even made it (but with added extras for the non supertasters) for a family birthday party. It is simply mince beef in a tomato sauce in wraps. You can add as many other things, like cheese, spinach, peppers or spices to add more flavours and textures. I love this relatively plain though.

With the use of a homemade sauce, which has been used since BF taught me 3 years ago, it has a two portions of fruit and veg per portion! It turns out that my favourite dish has been helping me achieve at least two portions in one sitting.

Now back to eating 5 fruit and veg everyday I have got innocent back in the fridge again. It seems that an easy method to achieving this challenge is going to be hard to shake but in someways I am glad. I really do like these little innocent drinks – they taste great, they don’t have any added sugar, they contain a portion of fruit and easy to have on the go.

I have another habit that is hard to change – I want to and have made┬álemon pie. While this recipe has a lot of fruit in it, I know that I shouldn’t be trying to make something so sugar filled 8:30 on a Thursday… but it is so hard. Unlike my savory favourite recipe, this isn’t exactly healthy with the vast amount of sugar involved. It was so hard but for some reason the thought of nothing else could leave my mind. I love the process of cooking it over two hours but it also tastes amazing! (It is also why this post has been published the next morning as I was too busy grating lemons to remember that I forgot to hit the publish button!)

It seems though that not all old habits of mine are bad – even if it is sugar filled… or my favourite food. I think now is all about finding out how to make adding fruits and veg work with my other food favourites – I might even surprise myself how easy it is!

My fridge is now full again of other fruit and veg and I have some fun plans to try making some courgette chips from Riverford tomorrow.


Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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