As a fan of Rogue Legacy, I was so excited to get Rogue Legacy 2 as a birthday present. Here is my honest review Cellar Doors second Rogue Legacy game. 

I will admit that I suck at games, especially those requiring quick responses. Throughout the years, I have often only been able to enjoy games using beginner settings or watching others.

The first game, Rogue Legacy, was a breath of fresh air with the ability to grind through the game. You could slowly but surely die repeatedly, coming across funny ways that various traits impacted the gameplay. Dying just meant that you got to find out who you got to play next.

Many others loved the first game as they attempted to get through it without dying once. It allowed a simple game the ability to suit every level of gamer. I wish I could say the same about the second game.

Playing the first 30 minutes, it was clear that this was a completely different game. Already the controls were completely different, and the abilities changed in such a way that you had to, in the first room, attempt to learn a weird jump kick move.

I wish I had followed my husband’s advice and had gotten a refund while I could because now I have a game that has an impassible moment getting into the first boss. If you have not played the game, RL2 requires you to find several artefacts to give you the skills to open the door to the first boss. These include one level where you must jump through platforms and jump off literal wheels of firey death. If you get a character with a bow, you can make platforms and calmly jump through this level.

Then you are able to talk to the glow blobs of blue and find out that you need to kick the two torches by dashing between the two. If you have followed so far, this means that if you are not great at quickly bashing the right buttons in the right order, you are destined to have a useless game where your character is stuck, unable to progress to the rest of the game but stand outside the first bosses room.

I reached out asking for help, assuming that clearly, this is poor game design. I was only disappointed as the support team pointed out the option to change the “house rules” and how people might “feel guilty” for using them. Not only was the response poorly worded but the house rules did not assist in passing this level. Their suggestion is to enable flight mode, which makes it even harder to complete this hurdle. You start to fly, and kick the torch, only to plummet like a stone.

No, instead, I now have a game that is useless to me. It is a shame as the visuals and style of the game are lovely, but it misses everything great about the first game. It was accessible for those with poor gaming skills, making grinding a fun and interesting experience as you turned upside down or your character swore at everything.

If you loved the first game because it finally made a bullet hell game accessible and fun for those with slow reflexes, avoid it. I am gutted as the first game was so good, only to constantly face disappointment with what should have been a better game.

I guess sequels aren’t always great.

Overall: 1/5 stars
Visuals: 4/5 stars
Gameplay: 1/5 stars
Accessibility: 1/5 stars

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