There is a lot of exciting news here at Lillyringlet but the biggest is our competition!

It has been a crazy and exciting year. The last few months I have been designing and making breastfeeding pillows. My website has been slowly redesigned and I have even sold a few pillows. It has been really great to start hearing back from people and finding out that they are making a difference.

Halloween CompetitionThe website is still very far from done and I am only just starting but it looks like the only way is up. There are a few exciting things happening behind the scenes, including a possible up and coming vendor. It is scary and wonderful all at once.

Breastfeeding is so scary when you start so it makes sense to run a spooky competition that starts on Friday the 13th and with the winner announced on Halloween.

I remember how scared I was about trying to nurse out in public with my bad shoulder and back problems. It was only after I made my first travel nursing pillow that I started to really feel confident and more importantly able to nurse painlessly.

It still didn’t stop the occasional scream though when she latched really hard and suddenly. Or when she tried to latch on to DH or other family members!

Now Halloween is approaching, lets make breastfeeding less scary with a great competition for pregnant ladies,  new mums and even confident breastfeeding mamas. Find out all about the amazing prize, or buy one now, on our Etsy page!

The competition is now over and I can’t thank everyone who entered enough. I still can’t believe that so many people entered my competition so I am really happy to announce that the winner is Cheryl H!

She has won a breastfeeding pillow normally £25. Bottle feeding mum – this is a great accessory for more than just feeding with people already using it for family member cuddles, making air travel  comfortable or just generally helping reduce shoulder pain when bottle feeding or cuddles.

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Lets’s spread the word that it doesn’t have to be so scary, especially on the go.


Annabelle has lived in Exeter, Bournemouth and London but now live in Brighton as a freelancer. With a love of baking, sewing and social media, she is now starting her own blog.


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