In the last 12 years social media has rocked the marketing world – it has completely changed how customers and brands can engage with each other.

Today having a great social media presence is vital for every business yet a lot of small and medium brands are not aware of key knowledge or skills that can help their business grow online.

Social media marketing is in its most basic form marketing on channels that enable people to engage with each other easily. Blogs, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter and LinkedIn all are considered as social media platforms as they enable people to share things with each other and communicate through the internet.

Social Media Marketing mixes analytical, copy writing, design and photography skills to create campaigns that help a business achieve key goals and objectives. These goals can range from increasing sales and website traffic to improving brand awareness and customer service processes.

As with other forms of marketing, social media can stand alone but works best when planned to mix with other mediums. Social media is unique in how well it can connect offline and online experiences due to the mobile nature of most applications or networks.

Despite its young age, social media is a complex minefield that can be difficult to navigate in terms of business even though the standard use of these channels are often very straight forward. So many small businesses find social media marketing extremely difficult but feel there is a taboo because everyone is using them daily. Engaging with family and friends is very different though to creating and implementing strategy that best suits their business. It is however the same as expecting someone who can film a video on their phone to create a Christmas advert for a supermarket.

This type of marketing can be so effective – with the rise of smart phones, we are logging into there platforms on at least a daily basis. It also provides a channel for businesses to reach out and talk directly to key audiences or brand ambassadors. The opportunities for growth are incredible unlike a lot of the traditional platforms still heavily invested in by businesses today.

Investing in your social media marketing can seem daunting but with the right person or agency you will see huge gains. After 10 years of working within brands I am now using my outstanding history to help businesses with their social media strategy, training and implementation. As a rarity in terms of my background in analytical, design, photography and marketing experience and training I am able to provide an outstanding service to all my clients.

Whether you are looking for one off consultancy or long term management of your accounts, I am able to use my skills to help your business thrive using my award winning and sector leading skills. As with all of my clients, I will work based off the needs and budget of my clients to provide the best service for them.


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