Did you know that professional photography for your business or event can make a difference to your SEO, social media and overall revenue? 

With the rise of cameras on phones it can still be easy to overlook the need for a professional photographer but it can make a world of difference. With a professional, you will get expertise in capturing the event, post production and the ability to sit back and relax. 

For the last 9 years I have been capturing everything from key fundraising events, weddings, product specific and even royal and celebrity visits. Whether I have been asked to capture the beautiful nature of a silver ring or photograph behind the scenes of a Boy Kill Boy gig, I have always amazed people with the wonderful photos that manage to show the nature of the event.

As someone who has worked in house to manage marketing, I know the difference great photography can make for newsletters, press releases, events and especially social media. 

With photographic services starting from £60 - you will have a great yet affordable service.

PR photography

Without photos, it is hard to get your press releases to the masses, especially when some outlets will only use professional photography. Starting from £60, you can have a number of professional photos that you can use in your press releases, social media and printed marketing. These images can include headshots, group photos, or behind the scenes photography. Are you a charity - did you know you can get this service half price for only £30!

Event photography

Events can be an extremely powerful tool for networking, gaining new customers, fundraising, or raising awareness of your and your brand. You can make the most of your events through the use of photography in lots of ways. Photos from events can be useful for certain magazines, social media, newsletters and marketing for future events. Starting from £300 and tailored to your businesses needs, you can make the most of your carefully planned events.

Social Media Photography

Did you know that social media with images gets more engagement and click-throughs than posts without. It can often be difficult to sort out high quality images that can be used effectively promote you and your brand. Specialising in social media photography for the last 9 years, I will be able to help you create a range of images for you to use over a period of weeks and months. Unlike most photography this will be tailored to ensure that it helps you reach your KPI's - whether that is engagement, click-throughs or brand awareness and sentiment. Starting from £60, this is a unique service using over 9 years of experiences.


Please note that these services are limited to Brighton, Hove and towns within a 10 mile radius. If you do require these services beyond this area, please contact me, however they will incur extra fees to cover travel and accomodation. You will have full ownership of the images and minor post-production work included unless otherwise stated.