Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the breastfeeding pillow?

The pillow has been designed so that you can use it however best suits you. Personally I like to have it unfolded with the babies head on the dipped pillow to give greater control. Other users prefer to wear it like an armband. Experiment and see how best it works for you.

How do you clean the breastfeeding pillows?

The fabric used is a high quality furnishing cotton, this means that it shouldn’t need cleaning much as it is very durable. It is possible to machine wash them in a 40 degree or lower wash.

How long will back orders take?

Depending on supplies, it could take a few days to a few weeks. Generally it will only be 3-5 days though.

How do I connect the pillow to my pram

There are so many different prams so I have tried to create a very flexible design. Most methods use the four satin ribbon loops but some people fold up the pillow over their handle bar and use it to also keep their hands warm in the winter (like a muff) or underneath in their pram basket. I use a toy c clip to hang it on the back of my pram or as a muff.

Do you do them in a different colour or fabric?

All of my pillows are handmade so it is very possible to do it in a fabric that will suit your taste and style. While it is possible to create these pillows in other fabrics, they will not be as effective nor durable so I try where possible to source high quality furnishing cotton.

How long will custom orders take?

Due to the nature of custom orders, it is not possible to specify how long it will take. However I will try to work with you to get it made as soon as possible. By responding quickly to any questions I may have about your order, such as fabric choice or direction, it will help speed up the process.

Do you do wholesale prices for baby shops and organisations?

Currently each pillow is handmade, so yes I do offer a slightly different price for wholesale purposes that is still feasible. For more information, please e-mail me on

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