For many organisations, training your staff is a great way to ensure outstanding customer service and timely social media announcement.

Training is also a great choice when paired with one-off consultancy to keep your social media costs down but standards high. With years of mentoring and training others in social media, marketing and design, you will have an experienced trainer for everything from the basics to advanced social media topics.

Starting from only £150 for individual training and £300 for groups, you and your businesses can have the tools for your business.


Social media 101
Are you starting out in social media for the first time - this introduction to social media training will help you understand the basics to start and run your social media. This course includes:

  • What is social media
  • Understanding the different social media platforms
  • How to choose the best platforms for you and your business
  • Understanding the difference between organic and paid posts
  • What to do when setting up accounts
  • Tools on what to post, when, where and why
  • How to deal with followers, fans and customers
  • How social media can effect a business - and how to protect your self
  • Tips and hints on running your social media channels

This is a day long course is £500 for one-to-one training, £300 per person for 2-5people, and £200 per person for 6-10 and for more than 10 people it goes down to £100.


Platform specific training

Different social media platforms work best for different types of business - this training allows you to focus on the platform that is best for you and your business.

If you have completed Social Media 101, this is the best way to advance your knowledge in the best social media platform for you. These courses will include following tailored to each platform:

  • How to optimise your profile
  • How to optimise your posts
  • How to optimise your images
  • Basic analysis skills and tools
  • Community guidelines
  • Useful hints and tips to get best for your business

These half day courses are available for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. One-to-One training is available for £250 and for 2-6 people this training is available for only £150 per person. Due to the hands on nature required, bigger groups are not available for this course.

If you wish to cover two social media platforms in one day, one-to-one training is available for only £350 and for 2-6 people it is available at £250 per person.


Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital tool for digital marketing but it can be quite daunting. With you will learn how to use this tool to monitor your website and the success of your social media campaigns. This course is useful for sales, fiance, marketing and management teams as it allows you to monitor key information which can assist decisions or help with reporting.

This course will cover the following:

  • What is Google Analytics
  • What are cookies and why are they important
  • Navigating Google analytics to find the information you need
  • What can impact scores
  • What are you KPI's really?
  • Setting up custom settings
  • Campaign tracking and why it is so useful
  • Creating reports
  • Useful tips to get the most out of Google Analytics for you

This is a day long course is £500 for one-to-one training, £300 per person for 2-5 people, and £200 per person for 6-10 and for more than 10 people it goes down to £100.


Design your own

Training can be tailored around what your business needs as well we the existing level of understanding when it comes to social media. With one-to-one training starting from £250 for half a day and £150 per person for 2 to 6 people, contact me now with what training you require for an estimate.


All training will take place at your business - if you require a venue away from your office please mention this as you will be charged for the venue and a handling fee based on your requirements.