Travel Bright Umbrellas Nursing Pillow


This cute umbrella pattern nursing pillow is the perfect accessory for any breastfeeding mum on the go. For only £25 it can help make nursing on the go easy and comfortable.

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Buy a nursing pillow designed especially for breastfeeding on the go.

Perfect for new parents, it makes a great and extremely useful tool to help breastfeeding. Due to its flexible design it can be used to help breastfeeding mums how suits them.

Whether you want to use the armband style of feeding, or opened out for an easy transfer for babies who fall asleep, the design helps provide comfort for both mummy and baby. Bottlefeeding – this pillow is great for giving you and your baby a wonderful experience too. Now you can lay your baby on your lap that is very comfortable for both you and your baby.

This is a nursing pillow for on the go – complete with ribbon tags you can hang it on a pram or fold it and store it in your pram basket. Mom and babies love playing with the silky tags too making these cuddle sessions even more special. Originally designed to help a mum with back and shoulder problems, it has now made feeding a breeze! A perfect pram accessory for new mums or a baby shower gift, these pillows are all lovingly handmade in the UK.

Buy yours now for only £25.


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